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The Olympic Champion is, in reality, Tom Daley, handsome young man about town.


The Olympic Champion is, in reality, Tom Daley, handsome young man about town.

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Plett 6541+2 


Plett 6541+2 

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Anonymous asked: 7, 11, 12, 45, 46, 68, 69, 71, 95, 106, 107

7. What would i do if i found out someone cheated on me?

i expect a damn good explanation. I will consider it, then either be done and move on or move forward. no grudge will be held but a second indiscretion will not be tolerated.

11. I can only drink one liquid for the rest of my life, what is it?

Vodka Spritzer
Enough alcohol to give me a buzz when i want one
Enough water to keep me alive

12. Do i like hickeys?

Neck: No. Unless that’s your particular kink, no grown ass adult should have neck hickeys

Anywhere Else: acceptable

45. Do i believe exes can be friends?

Absolutely. In fact, i think there’s a special kind of friendship you can only have with someone you were previously intimate with.

46. Do i regret anything?

as much as i’d love to say yes i have to say no because every wrong decision has shaped the man that i am today. i worry sometimes about who i might’ve been had a made the “right” choice in some cases

68. Am i happy with where i live?

hell fucking no
while ni love my roommates and my friends in irvine, this “city” is devouring my soul and killing me from within. it was nice, and i needed it for the last two years but now i need much more. the world awaits.

69. Picture of myself?


ig: peenobutter

snapchat: peenobutter

71. Have i ever been dumped?

short answer, yes
im really bad at doing or saying things that will hurt people i care about so i have a tendency to just be less and less attentive and responsive until they eventually decide to end it so they get to feel like it was their choice. though in some cases i was just straight up dumped.

95. Am i a player?

as you can see above. no.i used to be a raging slut, but i’ve dialed that back a lot.but i certainly don’t think anyone i’ve been with has felt like they got played.

106. Do i flirt a lot?

When drunk and single, yes
Otherwise not really. More often it’s me awkwardly trying to figure out how to respond to someone else’s flirting

107. My last kiss?

My friend Stephen who is my rock when I need someone to lean on.
sometimes literally.

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alcohol is not the answer

alcohol is the question, yes is the answer

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listening to straight people complain about not being able to find someone to date


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"you only post selfies for the attention"


everything I do is for attention

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